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Welcome to the Amura Wiki


Amura is a brand-new Windows-10 64-bit Desktop based application for controlling the HP 8453 via TCP/IP. (Control for the HP 8452 and the HP 8454 is already in the works, and is expected to be released by late 2019.)

A multi-threaded app written in C/C++, C# ,and VB, using .NET 4.5, Amura provides a clean and simple user interface for defining and controlling all aspects of your experiment.

Whether you need to collect a single data-point (1-D), or a spectral-range for multiple samples as a FxnOf Temp (4-D), Amura has you covered.

And with 'scan' speeds of up to 3 full-range spectral-scans per second, Amura is fast enough to keep up with any kinetic event lasting as little as a few seconds.

Collect a spectral-range, collect a single wavelength, or collect a selection of wavelengths, its all up to you!

The Basics

Obtaining the software